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Sustainable Estimatics

Claims for Green impact

the worldwide leader in the vehicle lifecycle management industry has utilized its unique position to create the new suite of solutions Sustainable Estimatics.

Our extensive data, technology, and partnerships enable Solera to analyse and measure the CO2 emissions of the touchpoints in the value chain of the Auto Claims journey, providing information to minimize the  CO2e emissions of the claim managed by the insurer.

Thus, your organization will be able to provide credible and verified carbon emission figures, creating a greener claims journey.

The Scope 3 Challenge for Insurers

Today insurers are facing the challenge of how to measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to their CEOs.*

The difficulty lays in having data on the indirect end-to-end activities of the auto claims journey they manage, which are known as Scope 3. We acknowledge the issue is complex and it is starting to become urgent, as investors, regulators and customers are requesting clear reporting on carbon footprint measures and the environmental impact. It is also likely that by 2025 the measurement of Scope 3 emissions will become mandatory in many markets



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Sustainable Estimatics

Claims for Green Impact

Achieve your sustainability goals with Sustainable Estimatics for the Auto Claims journey

Unique Algorithm

We share your sustainability commitment and the difficulty of assessing Scope 3 emissions. In response, we have developed a unique algorithm within the auto claims industry to analyse and support you to reduce the CO2e emissions of the claims process managed by the insurer.


Our extensive worldwide data, technology and partnerships, have enabled us to create a unique algorithm that measures CO2e emissions, including Scope 3. This will empower you to gain a greater insight of the CO2e emissions from the activities and the players in claims management.


As an ISO-14064-01 certified company, Solera provides guidelines and scenarios to minimize CO2e emissions, boosting efficiencies and potentially supporting new revenue streams. We can also help you with the offsetting.

Achieve your sustainability goals with

Sustainable Estimatics for the Auto Claims Journey

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What Solera Can Do For You?

Sustainable Estimatics


Set Your Auto Claim Strategy & Goals

We can help you measure and calculate the claims CO2 emissions, from 2019 to 2023. This will be your starting point, from where you will be able to develop the CO2e emission reduction of the claims management and understand how you are performing against your benchmark/objective.

Get The Insights

Manage Your Sustainability Perfomance

Using Sustainable Estimatics, you will be able to measure, calculate and track the Auto Claims CO2 emissions evolution based on your CO2e reduction strategy. It will also help you to find cost reductions or increase revenue opportunities.

Offset Made Easy


We want to make things easy for you. Feel free to contact to us if you need advice in the offsetting of your CO2e emissions. We are the one-stop-shop for your Auto Claims CO2e emissions reduction initiatives.



  • Demonstrate that your sustainability goals in Auto Claims are progressing, making you more attractive to investors.
  • Addition of green policies to your portfolio will attract and retain customers.
  • Ability to see the impact of repair vs. replacement to control costs.
  • Insurer will be able to adapt the policy premium based upon the car repair costs and CO2 emissions.


  • Enhancing the insurer’s green reputation making it more attractive for customers.
  • Customers opting to renew their policies that align with their own sustainable goals.
  • New customers will be attracted by the transparency and evolution of the carbon emissions strategy.
  • Credibility of the results of the strategy to reduce the CO2e emissions in the Auto Claims journey.


  • Improving internal and third-party processes.
  • Traceability of the impact of the CO2e emissions reduction in the Auto Claims journey.
  • Able to act on the processes related to the repair to reduce the CO2e impact.
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