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AUTOonline, a Solera solution, is Europe’s largest online salvage exchange and a leading online marketing portal for used vehicles from commercial fleets. We bring together insurance companies, experts, workshops, manufacturers, fleet professionals, and recyclers on a single digital platform that simplifies the entire buying and selling process from valuation to vehicle collection. There are a lot of advantages to being the top dog, especially for our customers. With innovative products, our tried-and-tested, flexible software and a professional service team, we meet the needs of the automotive industry and create added value with our expertise.

Competitive advantage

Our online platform features a large variety of settings which make it easy to value, buy, and sell damaged or used vehicles all in one place at fair prices. Benefit from a huge range of accident and used cars, easy adjustment and purchase options, fair prices and lots of additional services.

Our proud customers

AUTOonline engineers our solutions and products for companies all across the claims spectrum, including insurers, assessors, body shops, buyers, financial service providers, suppliers, fleet operators, dealerships, and vehicle recyclers.

Discover how AUTOonline can help you improve your business

Online Auction Platform

Europe’s largest online auction for the sale and purchase of accident, damaged and used vehicles


How our products work together

Solera offers seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade products from which you can custom build a solution right for your business. Use all our products together or handpick only the ones you need. We’re here and ready to help every step of the way.