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APU Solutions

APU Solutions, a Solera solution, is a leading supplier of technology for the insurance, collision-repair, and alternative parts industries. Our web-based network provides nationwide automotive parts availability with real-time access to inventories. We also offer world-class support teams and tools that track and manage recycled parts. Better, safer efficiencies stand at the core of APU’s mission. Our solutions not only help your business – they help preserve the environment as well.

Competitive advantage

APU Solutions is the clear choice in efficient alternative parts utilization.

Find Parts Quickly

Our search engine returns results in seconds

Industry Leader

We offer best-in-class software and support

Environmentally Friendly

Constantly updated internet database of parts reduces plastic waste from physical media

Our proud customers

Insurance companies; Salvage yards; Alternative parts suppliers; Collision-repair shops; Automotive repair shops all rely on APU Solutions.


How our products work together

Our products are seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade solutions. Use them all together, or only the ones you need. The compatibility of our products allows you to build the system that’s right for your business.