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Market Scan

Market Scan, a Solera solution, is a leading analytics and software company serving the Dutch insurance industry. We design and maintain data warehouses for medium to large insurance companies. We also develop innovative, user-friendly products and services around claims management, process optimization, information management, and distribution for the insurance and proxy markets.

Solution benefits

Market Scan functions as a hub between insurers and proxy offices in the insurance market. We bring the communication between proxies and insurers to a qualitatively and strategically higher level using extensive management measures and quality controls. Because of this, we can guarantee transparency at any point of transition from data received to knowledge, information, and reporting. Our goal is to provide maximum support to the distribution channel proxy through:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved results
  • Better control
  • Customer focus
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

Our proud customers

Market Scan serves medium to large insurance companies and their proxies with five main product lines.

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How our products work together

We offer seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade products from which you can custom build a solution right for your business. Use all our products together or handpick only the ones you need. We’re here and ready to help every step of the way.