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XpertCX Solutions – Redefining Customer Experience

Cutting-edge BPO suite

XpertCX Solutions, our Business Process Outsourcing arm, embodies a Bionic Workforce Approach that fuses the industry expertise of our representatives with AI and automation. This synergy enhances efficiency and effectiveness, delivering an exceptional customer experience. We prioritize perpetual learning and improvement, fueled by continuous data collection through our AI-driven platforms. This data is refined into actionable insights through human feedback loops, optimizing service delivery and empowering data-driven decision-making.


Our core value is simple: Customer Centricity.

We strive to be approachable and dependable, focusing on fulfilling two main commitments:

Our dedicated team aims to offer prompt and effective support through AI-enhanced omnichannel capabilities.

We are committed to resolving our clients’ challenges.

Suite benefits

One-Stop Outsourcing

Our comprehensive end-to-end claims management solutions centered on customer experience, allow clients to entrust their customer operations to one reliable partner while they concentrate on their core business.

Empathy-Driven Team

We lead with empathy, honesty and transparency. We are customer centric, and our committed experts provide quick and efficient support to solve our customers’ and their customers’ needs.

24x7x365 Coverage When Needed

The suite provides around-the-clock human workforce enhanced by AI technology to improve customer experience, when needed. (e.g., Customer Support, First Notice of Loss, Catastrophic Response).

Established Technology

Our advanced technological infrastructure, encompassing both AI and VI, ensures dependable accuracy and efficiency. We have integrated AI into our tech stack and workflows for over six years, pioneering its use well ahead of the global adoption curve.

Seasoned Expertise

Our team of certified experts leverages decades of industry experience to continuously innovate and enhance service delivery.

Omni-Channel Communication

We communicate with our customers and their customers on the channel they prefer, delivering an experience that meets them where they are.

Automated Process

We enhance claims processing speed by digitizing and consolidating information, and automating management and reporting cycles, streamlining everyday processes.

Depth of Bench

Our large pool of representatives guarantees business continuity amidst staffing shortages and fluctuating demand.


Providing customers the ability to choose the volume they want to outsource. Whether it be after-hours contact center, or influx of claims that need to be processed, we can manage a portion or all of it.

No IT Integration Needed

The services are quick to deploy.


FNOL Contact Center

We offer round-the-clock First Notice Of Loss support, be it for accidents or a catastrophic event. Our specialists not only excel in managing customer interactions but also strive to provide exceptional experience from the very first contact.

Auto Glass

Enhance your glass repair & replace efficiency by leveraging a marketplace of 6000 glass service providers. As glass experts, we leverage competition to bring out the best in the marketplace and drive quick cycle times.


Leveraging AI and our licensed adjusters, we deliver an approved estimate ready to be shared with the vehicle owner. This no-code, turnkey virtual appraisal service offers quick, efficient, and accurate auto damage estimates, all while managing costs effectively.

Desk Review

We perform expert desk review of damage estimates on behalf of an insurance carrier, working directly with repair facilities, including price negotiations.

Managed Repair

We provide a comprehensive managed repair service for insurance carriers, leveraging our shop network to oversee the entire workflow. This includes estimate review, rental coordination, shop payments, warranties, and more.

Diminished Value

After the repair process, we assess the vehicle’s post repair value and negotiate with the vehicle owner, subsequently sending the insurer the valuation and outcome of our negotiation.

Subrogation Response

Our team of material damage experts efficiently handles subrogation responses for carriers, dealing with third-party demands. By integrating expert insights with automation, we ensure effective demand processing.

Total Loss Valuations

Our extensive vehicle database enables you to receive reliable, regionally adjusted, fair market valuations of total loss vehicles. Additionally, our experts specialize in assessing a wide range of specialty vehicles, with 500K+ reviews performed and counting.


Licensed adjusters conduct desk audits for water mitigation claims, delivering detailed reports and thorough analytics.

Marketing Services

Tap into a full suite of marketing solutions, encompassing website design, content creation, direct mail, email campaigns, display advertising, search engine marketing, and performance reporting.

Customer Support

Our 24/7 team expertly supports our clients’ needs, be it handling their customer inquiries or complaints, focusing on delivering an exceptional experience from the initial contact.

Intelligent Triage™

Quickly assess if a vehicle is a total loss, repairable, or requires further inspection using customer-submitted vehicle damage photos. Avoid unnecessary towing and rental charges by leveraging it right at FNOL. LEARN MORE

Qapter Intelligent Estimating

Obtain an automated line-by-line repair estimate for damaged vehicles in under 3 minutes using photos. Reduce key-to-key cycle times and get your customers back on the road faster. LEARN MORE

Guided Image Capture

Guide consumers in capturing damage photos on their mobile devices at FNOL. It creates a specific vehicle mask, simplifying the photo-taking process for enhanced damage detection. LEARN MORE

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