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sachcontrol GmbH, a Solera solution, has been a trusted expert for property and liability claims since 2001. A proven long-term partner for leading insurers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we have built an invoice verification process for the building and facilities industry and offer one of the most comprehensive pricing databases for trades and craft services in German-speaking countries.

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Competitive advantage

Our invoice verification process is supported by patented solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data – Our database contains extensive knowledge about buildings, structural systems, and property markets
  • Artificial Intelligence – sachcontrol solutions are AI-driven and deliver real-time processing
  • Our team – The expertise of our employees produces consistent high-quality results

Our proud customers

We support insurers with our claims management platform to guarantee a seamless experience.

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How our products work together

Our products are seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade solutions. Use them all together, or only the ones you need. The compatibility of our products allows you to build the system that’s right for your business.