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Sidexa, a Solera solution, is a provider of solutions for risk and asset management, providing insurance, auto repair, parts recycling, assessors, and vehicle fleet solutions since our founding in 1981. Sidexa is now part of the Solera product suite, adding ease and simplicity to the claims resolution process. Our products work together to provide an end-to-end solution that optimizes our customers’ businesses, offers data-driven analytics, and enhances customer engagement.

Solution benefits

Our integrated solutions simplify and streamline the automotive and property claims resolution process, saving money and getting customers back on the road or in their home faster.

  • Quality – Our world-class goods and services exceed expectations.
  • Data – Our databases offer clients keen, actionable insight.
  • Innovation – Our commitment to improving and enhancing our products keeps clients at the forefront of industry trends.

Our proud customers

We bring players in the repair, collision, maintenance, and insurance markets together on one platform. Our clients manage operations more effectively for time saving, monitor costs and improve customer satisfaction.


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How our products work together

Our products are seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade solutions. Use them all together, or only the ones you need. The compatibility of our products allows you to build the system that’s right for your business – everything you need, none of what you don’t.