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AudaMedic, a Solera company, offers a comprehensive, automated platform that supports the processing of medical expense claims. AudaMedic’s mobile platform provides data integration between insurers, suppliers, and brokers. Our state of the art, transaction-model-based technology provides the lowest operating cost for users, and makes use of extensive clinical and administrative intelligence. With AudaMedic, your business can experience seamless interconnection with the entire health-insurance ecosystem. Our product is backed by Solera’s decades of experience supporting the insurance industry, and our world-class customer service teams.

Solution benefits

AudaMedic’s end-to-end information services make the process of claim management easy and effective.

  • A complete overview of all transactions and events related to a claim
  • The ability to adapt our technology to meet the needs of your organization
  • On-site support and training from a team of experts
  • Follow-up from experienced customer service professionals
  • Access to our extensive knowledge base

Our proud customers

AudaMedic is a perfect choice for businesses of any size looking to streamline claims processing and improve their bottom line. Our products are used by some of the largest organizations in the world, and we’re proud to offer the same top-tier suite of services to you.


How our products work together

AudaMedic provides extensive online information services for claims processing and follow-up, as well as change management, training, on-site guidance, customer outreach, senior consultation, and deployment assistance.