We Started in a Garage

Solera Holdings, Inc. was founded by Tony Aquila in 2005 to bring about a digital evolution of the insurance industry, starting with the processing of insurance claims.

Today, our offerings bring together insurers, OEMs, dealers, SMR industry participants, and our customer’s customers, creating a digital marketplace that empowers the customer to manage the entire life of their vehicle in a single platform.

7 Solera transactions.
Every second.

Solera processes over 300 million transactions annually. With 235,000 customers across over 85 countries, we are positioned to enrich the vehicle experience for both the 90% of drivers that won’t have a claim on an annual basis and the 10% that do.

Do it right. Do it better.
Do it different.

We’re the best at what we do – and we’re always striving to be better and do more. We process more digitized automotive insurance claims than the rest of the claims-processing industry combined.

Now, we have assembled a digital platform that reaches way beyond the claim, spanning the vehicle lifecycle and increasingly moving from the garage to the entire house.

We started out with an aggressive mission. We’re not stopping there.