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Digidentity, a Solera solution, offers digital identity and signature services. Digidentity services are fast as well as flexible, allowing for easy integration with your existing processes. Sign contracts, letters, and other documents with an electronic signature that is safe and legally binding. Choose from a range of scalable and configurable identity solutions, manageable in-house via the self-service portal. Digidentity makes everything from onboarding to digital signatures fast and easy, anywhere and anytime.

Competitive advantage

Digidentity’s solutions are defined by three key elements:

Identity Platform

One platform, tailored to your specific needs

Easy Integration

Open standards allow you to easily integrate with existing processes

Process Optimization

Proven, scalable platform optimizes workflows

Our proud customers

Digidentity works with any company needing safe, legally binding digital signature services. Digidentity is your trusted identity partner.

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How our products work together

Our products are seamlessly integrated, enterprise-grade solutions. Use them all together, or only the ones you need. The compatibility of our products allows you to build the system that’s right for your business.