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June 22, 2022

Where was AI technology for contents claims when I was an Adjuster?

By Bill Brower

Technology has come a long way. Do you remember your first experience with technology? I do.

During my early days in the claims industry, I still remember my excitement when I got my first pager with text messaging. That relatively simple technology made me infinitely more efficient as a claims adjuster and improved my life in a hundred different ways. For the younger generation, this was during the time before cell phones. Getting a text page was game-changing. It allowed me to take action without first finding a pay phone and calling the office. Yes, that was how we did things in the early days.

The impact of today’s insurance claims technologies eclipses the effects of that pager by about a million times, especially AI-powered tools. Let me give you an example.

When I started my career in claims, I enjoyed working on home structure losses and really hated to see a contents claim hit my desk. Especially the large-loss claims, because that would mean a long list of contents to price. Completing those claims was a very time-consuming, tedious process and way less fun for me than pricing out a structure loss.

That said, we all know how important timely and accurate contents claims are for a property owner. It is critical that we build a complete contents list and provide accurate settlement estimates to ensure our customer is happy and that our settlement offer is fair.

In today’s market, timely, accurate settlements can be challenging. The sheer volume of claims is increasing, companies are moving to leaner, more efficient teams, and employee turnover is exploding. Home contents losses require more manpower and an excessive investment of time, which creates the potential for a bad experience for the policyholder and the insurance company. This is where technology can save the day.

Straight Through Contents by Enservio is a game-changer. It puts AI-powered solutions backed by trained contents claim experts in the hands of insurance claims professionals and policyholders to provide an end-to-end solution for contents claims. This would have been WAY better than a text pager back in my claim’s heyday.

Here’s how it works: The Enservio tool has an intuitive interface that guides the policyholder through inventory capture and completion of in-home inventory lists, and provides fast, accurate pricing. This AI-powered tech gives the property owner control over building the contents list, freeing up adjusters to focus on structural repairs and assist customers with the overall claims process. It makes the adjuster and insurance company look like rock stars to policyholders. For large losses, Enservio provides trained professionals to work in person with your policyholder to complete the inventory list and capture all the necessary model numbers, manufacturer information, and content descriptions.

Solera built this solution by combining digital AI technology with human expertise to provide a risk-free solution across the entire contents claims process. Straight Through Contents streamlines the contents claim process by automating low-risk claims and providing a valid settlement offer in just minutes versus days with less-automated solutions. The Enservio platform enables an optimal business outcome for contents claims, which helps create a superior policyholder experience and expedites workflow.

Check out the attached brochure for more on the benefits of straight-through contents pricing and how you can provide a fast and fair contents evaluation and settlement using Enservio contents solutions.