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Solera Fleet Solutions

Drive and manage fleet safety, efficiency, retention and business success with the only complete end-end fleet intelligence and safety solution.

Fleets today have increasing pressure for the need of accurate, accessible and actionable information.
Our fleet solutions bring together the best in fleet intelligence to help managers navigate the most pressing challenges they are facing.

Connect your people, vehicles and data with the only complete fleet intelligence and safety platform.
This powerful combination of workflow and safety solutions guides prioritisation to meet your fleet needs.

Route optimisation & dispatching

Optimise route planning, execution, and actual vs planned routing performance from a single source, for faster and more efficient deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Driver experience and Workflow

Retain drivers and bring them home safely by giving them the tools and data they need to assure their safety and meet business goals.

Data & analytics

Leverage your fleet data to empower smarter fleet decisions that result in reduced fleet costs and increased vehicle and driver safety.

Safety & risk mitigation

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Create a crash free culture, reduce costs and exonerate drivers when not at fault by encouraging safe driving practices across your fleet through real time alerts, e-learning, score cards and safety coaching.

Asset tracking & monitoring

The safety of your vehicle, trailers and equipment is important. Proactively manage in real time the location, health and performance of your assets.

Data & analytics

Leverage your fleet data to empower smarter fleet decisions that result in reduced fleet costs and increased vehicle and driver safety.

Worried about fuel costs or driver shortages, or do you find it challenging to balance all the various technologies, data and platforms?

Our fleet solutions provide reliable fleet management to optimise your driving and fleet performance. On the road or last mile, streamline your driver workflows and get complete fleet visibility with SmartDrive, Mentor, Protect and Roadnet Anywhere.


Extend safety, reduce risks, claims, maintenance and insurance costs

SmartDrive transforms fleet performance with the best-in-class safety programmes, an open analytics platform and transportation intelligence that improves safety and unlocks new opportunities to drive operational efficiency.


Create a crash-free culture, reduce costs, and save lives

The MentorSM app is our award-winning, smartphone-based telematics app which seamlessly integrates into fleet drivers’ routines, giving them personalised guidance leading to safer driving habits and reduced fleet costs.


Protect your drivers and your fleet with Video.

The new cost effective video-based safety platform giving you the tools you need to capture risky driving events that protect and exonerate drivers when not at fault. Track locations, incidents and KPI’s and improve your driver safety with Protect.

Roadnet Anywhere

Reduce routing times and increase delivery output

Save time and fuel with Roadnet Anywhere’s customisable planning, routing and dispatch solution capabilities that have been built to improve customer experience and keep to vehicle capacity with Roadnet Anywhere’s customisable route optimisation tools.  

Our Accreditations and Memberships

Reduce fleet risk, cut bad costs, enhance productivity and uptime.


assets tracked daily


routes created weekly


miles tracked annually


driver behaviours monitored


daily positions

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