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February 23, 2023 / by

“Xpert,” Immediate Relief for Claims Estimate Backlog

Houston, we’ve got a capacity issue.

No matter where you turn or whom you talk to in the auto claims industry, the sentiment is unanimous – the endless pileup of claims is one of the industry’s biggest hurdles. And it’s only exacerbated by the continuous deluge of staffing shortages and spikes in weather-related collision calamities, which can quickly overwhelm the best “first responder” claims teams.

Now sprinkle in a dose of inflation and mounting consumer expectations for speedy turn-arounds and therein lies a tough-as-nails backdrop to today’s current business realities. Scrambling to “plug the leaks” has become the new norm, all while balancing accurate and timely estimates.

If you’re one of the fortunate organizations able to land a new hire(s) to unlock the bottleneck, there’s still an undefined time commitment [and patience] needed for onboarding, learning your company’s specific estimating process and more, thus extending service gaps.

Eliminating ‘Pain Points’

That is why the recent arrival of XpertEstimate, Solera’s new turn-key estimating software, couldn’t have come at a more welcome time for carriers and claims estimator teams in need of support of any kind.

XpertEstimate is a no-code, one-stop virtual appraisal service that can be customized to help insurance carriers of any size or structure address staffing challenges, rising claims costs and changing customer experience expectations. And it’s fueled by a robust blend of Solera’s industry-leading technology and experienced auto physical damage (APD) staff at the ready to process photo-based, AI-driven auto damage estimates quickly, efficiently and accurately while controlling costs.

“Providing industry-leading claims solutions across 100+ countries, we recognize the numerous pain points today’s insurance carriers are experiencing, which only compounds the tremendous business pressure of providing high-quality, accurate estimates under the most time-sensitive conditions,” explained Bill Brower, Vice President of Industry Relations at Solera.

“XpertEstimate delivers on all of this and more; there isn’t a more relevant and efficient claims estimating software that can step in and level up to any carrier need and immediately bring its A-Game in accurate estimates to the table all while controlling costs,” he said.
This sentiment is echoed far and wide among the industry’s top carriers. Case in point, an Assistant Vice President of a Top 25 P&C provider has relied on Solera’s virtual appraisal service for years – the “engine” of XpertEstimate.

From ‘Nice’ to Necessity

‘As I think about all the business challenges posed with the pandemic and its sweeping uncertainty, thanks to our longstanding partnership with Solera, we were able to expand our customer service offerings for remote inspections and virtual appraisals,” he said.

“What began as a nice optional service to accommodate the varying schedules of our customer base a few years ago morphed into a necessity to keep up with the service levels we’re known for during the pandemic,” he said.

The results have been nothing less than extraordinary. In fact, the P&C executive believes virtual appraisals will be its “#1 method of inspection for all auto physical damage claims in 2023.”

“It’s been a huge success from the standpoint of providing new service options, meeting customer needs, reducing cycle time, improving customer service, and improving the accuracy of our damage appraisals – a difficult task to achieve with a multi-line adjuster model,” he said. “The advent of XpertEstimate has helped future-proof our organization for years to come.”

Customized for Your Unique Situation

Whether it’s a short term, one-time need or a larger or ongoing consideration, XpertEstimate can scale and flex to your current and evolving needs with an easy and intuitive approach and laser-precision accuracy.

“We understand the complex ecosystem needed to get vehicles back on the road quickly and efficiently,” added Brower.

In addition to reducing cycle time throughout the claim estimate process, XpertEstimate provides the flexibility and scalability modern claims departments need, he explained.

“Whether assisting with surges in volume (such as CATs), supplementing permanent staff or filling staffing gaps due to turnover in the scope of a more extensive partnership, this solution is agile and customizable to meet each carrier’s unique situation.”

Easy & Intuitive

“XpertEstimate has the flexibility and muscle to provide the right expertise at the right time,” added David Davoodi, Sr. Director Product Management, Solera. “Any carrier can fold XpertEstimate into their existing claims process with minimal time and interruption and without IT resources.”

Curious how XpertEstimate works? Here’s an inside look:

Right Expertise, Right Now

“XpertEstimate combines the very best in AI-powered damage detection along with the most comprehensive vehicle data ensuring that we generate the correct estimate with the correct parts for most vehicles (>94%) on the road today,” Davoodi said.

“Our RepairScience(™) includes our AudaVIN vehicle identification service listing all the details of the specific vehicle the moment it leaves the assembly line; our “Inside Out Methodology” provides estimates that comprise all related operations and our APU PartsNetwork ensures that the most cost-effective alternate parts are utilized based on your parts policies. Within minutes, the automated estimate is generated and sent to our Xpert appraisers for review providing a complete, turn-key solution for any insurance carrier and claimants.”

Ready to unlock your company’s claims logjam? Solera takes pride in its ability to help clients continuously improve workflow automotive by delivering innovative solutions to support today’s transformative claims environment. Jump-start your organization’s customized claims solution today by contacting one of our representatives at: