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November 11, 2022

New equipment every junk hauling business needs to compete

Reducing the potential risks associated with your junk hauling business is key both to your ability to compete and your financial health. Thankfully, junk hauling businesses like yours can depend on advanced technology to minimize paperwork, catch potentially costly errors, monitor the health of the company’s fleet, and help drivers make the most of every moment spent on the road.

Technology can also help your company deal with various state and federal regulations by keeping track of important data such as hours of service and compliance records. 

And that’s just scratching the surface. Technology can do so much more to help your company stay competitive and increase efficiency while also decreasing risk. 

Video-Based Safety Solutions

Safety violations, bad driving habits, hours of service violations, and a lack of access to real-time data can damage a junk hauling company’s reputation and bottom line. Avoid fines and unsafe working conditions while supporting drivers with video-based safety solutions.

Every junk hauling business deals with the daily challenges of road safety. Following too close, inattentive driving, eyes off the road, drowsiness, and speeding are just a few of the risky driving behaviors that increase the chances of an at-fault accident. 

A video-based safety program can help your company eliminate risky driving, prevent costly accidents, and support safe driving practices through tools such as driver scorecards and customized training. Management can use video-based safety technology to produce real-time alerts and support ongoing e-learning. 

A high-quality, technology-based driver safety program provides a large volume of data that allows company management to customize the program to a company’s priorities and goals by choosing which driving behaviors to address. Reliable real-time data allows for immediate fleet safety improvements and faster visibility into your return on investment (ROI).

Routing and Dispatch Solutions

Inefficient route planning can damage a junk hauling business’s reputation as well as its ability to reach its financial goals. Drivers who make unplanned stops or go off-route can have a negative impact on customers’ impressions of the business. Cutting-edge fleet management dispatch and routing software combines the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to take the guesswork out of choosing a fleet’s most efficient routes. 

AI uses historical delivery, customer data, up-to-the-minute traffic pattern data, and sales data to optimize territories and create a delivery route that works for customers and maximizes the company’s bottom line. Last-minute changes are common in the junk hauling business, and the right routing and dispatch solution makes it simple for management to reorganize a route and communicate changes to the driver through telematics.

One of the largest expenses faced by a company with a fleet of trucks is fuel. Industry research shows using AI-powered route management can lower your junk hauling company’s fuel costs by 20%. Route optimization helps reduce the total number of hours each truck spends on the road, which in turn helps lower maintenance costs and increase the available time between routine maintenance sessions. 

Even the most talented and experienced employee in charge of route planning faces daily challenges. The use of AI and machine learning to create the most efficient routes frees workers to handle other important tasks while helping them proactively communicate schedule changes to drivers and customers. 

Vehicle Fault Monitoring

Modern vehicle fault monitoring equipment can help increase vehicle and driver safety, saving your junk hauling company time and money. Real-time status alerts help your drivers and management team get ahead of fleet safety while minimizing breakdowns. 

Properly managed preventative maintenance is crucial for preserving the value of equipment and making the most of a driver’s time. Plus, it can help save on future repair costs by preventing expensive breakdowns. Fault monitoring provides alerts that include engine fault codes and diagnostics. The right program can quickly direct fleet drivers to the nearest service location, potentially helping to avoid a tow bill. 

Many factors contribute to vehicle health, and a lack of insight can compromise driver and vehicle safety. With Omnitacs Fault Monitoring, get near real-time status alerts into vehicle health to get ahead of fleet safety. Vehicle fault monitoring data is accessible at any time, so you and your workers can monitor a fleet vehicle from anywhere, even while it’s in motion. 

Junk Hauling Companies Benefit From Strategic Use of Advanced Technology

Level up your efficiency, reduce costs, increase fleet safety, and provide meaningful coaching to drivers by leveraging the power of a cutting-edge solution with next-generation features such as machine learning and AI. 

Solera’s fleet management system provides junk hauling and removal companies with access to a suite of innovative equipment and technology to help eliminate common blind spots and mitigate risk. End-to-end fleet intelligence helps growing businesses stay competitive by helping to set safety, workflow, and compliance priorities tailored to your company’s needs.  Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from Solera’s empowering fleet solutions? Call us today or visit