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May 2, 2023 / by

How Direct-Hit Pro Academy can help your auto shop make quicker fixes

With all the changes and challenges in the automobile industry, it’s tough to be an auto mechanic in this demanding work environment. The challenge of keeping up with the latest auto repair trends is all too apparent for repair shop owners and managers who are struggling to find and keep well-trained technicians.

Fortunately, the same digital revolution disrupting the automotive industry has spawned solutions for coping with the challenges of repairing today’s automobiles.

This article focuses on the contemporary challenges that auto mechanics face and how direct-access training provides an excellent way to meet these challenges.

Modern repair shop challenges

If not effectively addressed, the challenges caused by trends in the automotive industry can hinder auto technicians and repair shops from delivering high-quality service to their customers. A list of the most prominent issues auto techs face when working on modern cars includes:


Computerized navigation, mobile apps, autonomous parking, and intelligent braking systems are only a few of the auto technologies that require digital management capabilities for many auto repairs. As a result, mechanics must constantly upgrade their auto tech training and proficiency with automotive diagnostic tools to keep up with the advances in auto technology. 

Tools like an automotive diagnostic scanner can check for any defect in a car and give the technicians the best approach to repairing the problem. But auto techs must constantly stay current with upgrades and modifications for various components.

Less standardization

Several decades ago, there were the big three automakers and a handful of others. Today, 14 major global automobile corporations operate 60 major automotive brands globally, not to mention the smaller local automakers. Standardized repair protocols and parts are becoming scarce due to the tremendous inventory of different car models. And it’s almost impossible for auto mechanics to refer to their individual or collective knowledge base to service many car models without outside help.

Increase government regulations

Federal and local governments heavily promote a cleaner environment by imposing stricter environmental regulations on automakers. Unfortunately, as a result, car repair is more complex and expensive. This problem is particularly true for gas-powered vehicles.

Electrified automobiles

An accelerated number of electric vehicles (EVs) appear on roads worldwide. And many new EV models are entering the auto market each year. Although they have several advantages over traditional gas-powered vehicles, maintenance and repair on them require a new approach in auto repair management.

The primary difference between gas-powered vehicles and electric cars is the drivetrain. EVs move about with power from an electric motor and a battery while an internal combustion engine (ICE) powers a traditional car. This difference means auto technicians need specialized training and equipment to work on EVs.

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles only create more headaches for techs and repair workshops, because the greatly increase the complexity of the drivetrain with added components. 

Labor shortage

According to TechForce report, the demand for auto technicians exceeds supply by almost three to one. Given the severity of the labor shortage in the automotive industry, employee retention and recruitment are critical to providing high-quality service to your shop’s customers. 

So, the challenge is to find effective ways to create a more accommodating work environment for your auto maintenance staff. Technological advances in new automobiles make this challenge even more demanding. But requiring auto mechanics to be certified in outside training is problematic in many ways, including time away from work.

The importance of knowing how to fix things, fast

Whether you operate a full-service auto repair or body shop, mechanics with the proper tools, parts, support, and on-site training will ensure that your staff will complete repair jobs faster and more accurately. In addition, this higher level of proficiency can deliver many benefits, including the following.  

Benefits to customer

You’ve probably heard about a friend or relative’s bad experience at an auto repair or body shop. Most of the time, the auto shop exceeded its time estimate to take care of the issue. And the auto still had the same problem or a variation of it. When your shop accurately fixes cars on time, customers get the following benefit:

  • A memorable customer experience: Your satisfied customers will most likely share their car repair stories with friends, co-workers, and families.
  • Reducing their time of being without a car: Even when customers get a rental car, driving a strange car around can be inconvenient.
  • Peace of mind by having a reliable auto repair shop: An AAA study revealed that two out of three U.S. drivers don’t trust auto shops.

Benefits to shop

Fast and accurate repairs also benefit everyone in the shop. If your shop can complete auto repairs faster, some of the benefits would be:

  • A more tranquil and orderly work environment
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Higher pay for auto mechanics paid per job
  • You get an increased net profit

How Pro Academy can help

Regardless of the rapid changes in the auto industry, quick and easy access to auto repair information can help your auto technicians make faster repairs and keep pace with the workflow. Direct-Hit® Pro Academy can provide the information auto technicians need to execute accurate fixes in the least amount of time.

In addition, this direct access software solution is a digital training center with a professional library of over 350 training modules designed to enhance repair and diagnostic skills. As a result, you can use Direct-Hit®Pro Academy to provide ongoing education and professional growth for your auto mechanics. This training advantage can help your shop increase overall shop performance, turnaround time, staff retention rates, and net profits.

Direct-Hit®Pro Academy Can Be Your Training Solution

Changes are happening quickly in the auto industry, and the era of the traditional auto mechanic is gone. However, your auto repair shop can be ready for almost any new technological innovation or new car trend with 24/7 access to ongoing education and training through the Direct-Hit®Pro Academy. Try a demo today! 

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