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May 15, 2024 / by Auto Retail Professionals

Highlights from Melissa High’s Interview on the Car Dealership Guy Podcast

Exploring Vehicle Theft Solutions and Future Trends with LoJack’s VP

Join us for an enlightening episode of the Car Dealership Guy Podcast featuring Melissa High, Vice President of LoJack. Here’s what you’ll find in this must-see episode:

  • Vehicle Theft Surge: Melissa dives into the alarming rise in vehicle thefts and how LoJack’s recovery systems are mitigating the impact on auto insurance premiums.
  • Future of Asset Protection: Discover how integrated technologies and connected car solutions are revolutionizing asset protection and inventory management for dealers.
  • Melissa’s Journey: Hear about Melissa’s unique career path from hospitality to automotive retail, leading to her role at LoJack.
  • High-Risk Brands: Learn which brands are most vulnerable to theft and how technological advancements like LoJack are crucial for prevention and recovery.
  • Economic Impacts: Melissa discusses the direct effects of vehicle theft on dealership economics, insurance rates, and industry dynamics.
  • Competing Technologies: Explore how LoJack compares to competitors like Apple’s AirTag with its comprehensive suite of connected services.
  • Future Trends: Melissa shares predictions for decreased theft rates and upcoming security trends from manufacturers.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive discussion about the complexities of vehicle theft and the innovative strides being made to protect and empower both dealers and consumers. Tune in to the full episode to hear more about how LoJack is shaping the future of automotive solutions!