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December 5, 2022

Fleet Solutions Webinar Series: Establish and maintain a crash-free culture

Our roads have been getting less safe over the last couple of years, a troubling reversal of the trends seen in previous decades. What’s more, many of these crashes are preventable: 94% of collisions are attributable to driver error, according to the NHTSA. The cost in human lives is around 1.35 million per year.

Solera Fleet Solutions continues its webinar series with “Establish and maintain a crash-free culture.” Our presenter for this video is Denise Murroni, director of eDriving University at Solera. Murroni is an expert on managing driver risk factors.

Aggressive driving and distractions draw much of the blame for this degradation of safety on the road. These are largely issues of attitude and behavior. The good news is that these are things that can be addressed.

Scoring, e-learning, coaching, and gamification are just some of the ways eDriving uses to change drivers’ behavior and help your fleet operate more safely. This is best used as part of a comprehensive suite of solutions, including advanced telematics and driver monitoring, efficient routing solutions, and continuing training and education.

Our clients are reporting as much as a 67% reduction in collisions, as well as up to 88% reductions in risky driver behavior. In addition, these solutions work to increase profitability, employee engagement, and even enhance your company’s reputation in the community.

Please watch the video to for a detailed walkthrough on how Solera Fleet Solutions and eDriving can help your fleet make sure all your drivers return safely at the end of their shifts.


  • Strengthens Mentor’s commitment to helping organizations achieve their safety AND sustainability goals
  • Incorporates Greater Than’s unique pattern-AI technology trained through over 7B real-world trips to calculate near real-time CO2 emissions per individual driver as % or grams.
  • Provides uniform measure of environmental impact, enabling comparison of individual drivers’ eco performance, regardless of vehicle type or global location.
  • Helps organizations to quantify the environmental impact of their transportation & ESG activities.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

Why eDriving

We help our clients to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations, carbon emissions, and total cost of vehicle ownership through our patented, driver behavior-based safety programs focused on ensuring that all drivers return home safely at the end of every day.

eDriving’s award-winning MentorSM program not only identifies risky driving behavior, but also emediates it with micro-training, coaching, rewards, and gamification, and supports drivers and managers with unsurpassed professional services.

  • Collects & analyzes data on behaviors most predictive of driver risk using smartphone accelerometer and GPS sensors
  • Validated, predictive FICO® Safe Driving Score identifies drivers’ likelihood to be involved in future collisions
  • 300+ eLearning modules address drivers’ specific risk factors
  • Distraction behaviors detected include calls, texting, emailing and handling/interacting with the phone
  • Gamification and rewards opportunities encourage continuous improvement and engagement
  • Integrated emergency response services, powered by Sfara and Bosch

FICO® Safe Driving Score

Predictive and validated driver risk score

  • Identifies drivers’ likelihood to be involved in a future incident or collision
  • Drivers with low scores have a much higher crash involvement rate than drivers with high scores
  • Mentor and the FICO® Safe Driving Score have no relationship with FICO® Credit
  • Mentor does NOT pass any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to FICO® – Score is calculated anonymously and passed to Mentor where it is re-associated with Driver ID