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September 14, 2023 / by Identifix Auto Repair Professionals

Are you getting total loss vehicles to the right place the first time?

Immediate, Expert Triage Decisions @ FNOL Now “A Click Away”

Accurate, timely claim decisions are paramount to reducing settlement times and expediting repairs. In fact, one recent case study reports that more than half of all total loss vehicles are sent to repair shops in error.

Consider the additional time, hassle and extra costs of these missteps – not to mention the frustration levels experienced by all.

So imagine having the ability from the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to reduce costly errors – and now just an easy click away from the browser of your wi-fi connected phone or tablet.

Enter Solera’s Intelligent Triage™, an AI-powered solution, to help insurers make better informed, accurate and speedy triage decisions, which now features a new claims or estimating “platform-free” option, bypassing the need to operate Intelligent Triage with a software program or platform. Absolutely no integration of any kind is required – simply connect right from the ease and convenience of your web browser. 

It’s another way Solera and Audatex are reinventing the virtual claims process, offering greater accessibility and convenience to accurately identify total losses, minimize settlement times and accelerate repairs.

Moments Matter

Let’s face it – determining vehicle repairability following a collision can be a highly stressful time for consumers/claimants who must quickly process through a mountain of immediate issues and steps, including connecting with their carrier.  Emotions are high and patience can be low. 

That’s the beauty of Solera’s all-new Intelligent Triage.  Accessible from the web browser of any connected device, claimants can capture and submit vehicle collision photos to their carrier following FNOL, producing a highly accurate triage recommendation in less than 10 seconds!   There’s no waiting or waffling; customers appreciate the instant, expert feedback, and insurers rest easy in quick and accurate resolution, saving everyone time in a hassle-free process which is sure to bolster customer loyalty.

A Click Away to Instant Resolution

While Intelligent Triage can “plug and play” with any existing software program or platform, Intelligent Triage now offers instant, direct access to its AI-powered triage solution, simply by accessing it from the convenience of a web browser.  This allows more carriers the opportunity to onboard this proven AI solution quickly and easily and begin deploying highly accurate resolution decisions at scale. 

“We’ve reimagined a more convenient way to deliver the claims resolution “brain trust” of Intelligent Triage by providing direct access to intelligent, instant and easy virtual claims,” said Bill Brower, VP of Industrial Relations at Solera.

Decisions Made Easy

Unleashing the fire-power of Intelligent Triage is redefining the ease, convenience and confidence of a carrier’s repairability decision:

  1.  IMAGE CAPTURE: Customer submits vehicle damage photos to carrier
  2.  VISUAL INTELLIGENCE: Machine learning algorithms process photos and provides resolution results in under 30 seconds
  3.  TRIAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: In seconds Intelligent Triage will display the results that will tell you if the vehicle is a total loss, reparable or needs inspection.

Expert Resolution, Assured!

An expert repairability decision in 30 seconds or less?  Sure, instant results are impressive, but what about accuracy – how can carriers find confidence in these critical, time and cost-sensitive decisions made with head-turning speed?

Intelligent Triage is just that – your “wise” resource, drawing upon timely and extensive, AI-powered algorithms which cross-reference Qapter’s mammoth global data system, bringing clarity and confidence to your claims’ staff to give the “stamp of approval” to resolution decisions. 

“Intelligent Triage is a true virtual claims powerhouse, built upon an extensive scientific claims resolution model that delivers consistent, high-precision results in mere seconds, with laser-like assessment of authentic vehicle damage directly from claimant-uploaded photos,” said David Davoodi, Sr. Director of Product Development.

“We’re constantly innovating, listening to our customers to identify new ways we can provide even deeper value for our products and/or the product experience.  Offering an even easier, more convenient way to access Intelligent Triage through a web browser option opens new doors for the industry, lightening staff and resource load amid these challenging times,” said David.

To test drive Intelligent Triage today, visit: