If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.
If your dealership is overwhelmed with manual processes and paperwork, discover how Solera is stepping in to support dealership operations during this challenging time.
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January 26, 2024

Auto/Mate by Solera Announces Strategic Partnership with DealerFenix to Enhance Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

The integration of DealerFenix into the Auto/Mate platform represents a crucial step towards providing an advanced and seamless reporting solution for dealerships and dealer groups

Westlake, TX, January 26, 2024: Solera’s Vehicle Solutions Line, the leader in vehicle owner lifecycle management, is pleased to announce its latest strategic partnership with DealerFenix, a pioneering provider of reporting and analytics solutions. The collaboration aims to bring advanced enterprise reporting capabilities to Solera’s Auto/Mate dealers, offering consolidated reporting, drill-down analytics, goal setting, historical trend analysis, and scheduled reporting.

Integrating DealerFenix into the Auto/Mate platform has undergone rigorous customer validation, with multiple dealerships already successfully onboarded. The partnership represents a significant move towards providing enterprise tools for dealer groups while improving operational efficiency and providing innovative solutions, a cornerstone of Auto/Mate’s mission.

One of the most significant aspects of this collaboration is the plan to embed DealerFenix access within Auto/Mate, delivering a cohesive and seamless user experience. The integration will also feature single sign-on functionality and user permission retention between the DMS and DealerFenix, making the platform even more user-friendly.

“As we move towards finalizing this partnership with DealerFenix, we are excited about the prospect of offering our dealers an unparalleled reporting and analytics experience,” said Jason Baab, Director of Product at Auto/Mate. “We believe this collaboration will significantly elevate the value we bring to our customers and enhance their overall success in their automotive businesses.”

“Dealers spend too much time jumping between applications and spreadsheets to manage their dealerships” said Praveen Tamvada, founder of DealerFenix. “The Auto/Mate – DealerFenix partnership not only reduces the amount of time spent on analytics, but also provides multiple workflows to improve efficiency.”

The partnership between Auto/Mate and DealerFenix will grant Auto/Mate sales exclusivity to its dealers, providing them with comprehensive insights and tools to drive success in their automotive businesses, with the simplicity of dealing with only one vendor.

To learn more about Solera & Auto/Mate, or to schedule a demo, visit the website or stop by Solera’s booth #2901W. 

About Solera | Vehicle Solutions 

Solera is home to many of the leading brands within the vehicle lifecycle management ecosystem through four lines of business – Vehicle Solutions, Vehicle Claims, Vehicle Repairs, and Fleet Solutions. Solera’s Vehicle Solutions business, including the RedCap, LoJack, DealerSocket, AutoPoint, Auto/Mate, Solera Titling, and GoldStar brands, is the preferred choice for dealerships seeking to enhance and streamline their processes and increase profits, while empowering its customers to succeed in the digital age. Solera helps customers drive sales, promote customer retention, and improve profit margins and serves over 300,000 global customers and partners in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit www.solera.com

About DealerFenix

DealerFenix is a cutting-edge reporting and analytics platform designed for automotive dealerships. With a focus on delivering actionable insights, DealerFenix empowers dealers to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and drive profitability. Learn more at www.dealerfenix.com.

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