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January 4, 2023 / by

How insurers can revitalize the DRP process

Direct Repair Programs (DRP) account for most vehicle repairs for insurance companies. However, these crucial programs have not evolved as much as the claims workflow in recent years, which is a lost opportunity for growth. Extra steps in DRP programs add unnecessary pain points, create friction, and challenge profits.

However, there are solutions body shops and insurers can use to remove claims barriers. These advancements improve speed and accuracy in the claims process, making it more streamlined and profitable. We’ll also cover trends in auto body repair and explain how emerging tech is improving workflows by reducing human touchpoints.

DRPs have lagged behind industry-wide changes causing severe operational inefficiency. Since operational efficiency is key to profitability this is something repair shops simply can’t afford. Industry profits are lagging, not because technicians are unqualified, but because systems and processes are inefficient. However, it is possible to revitalize direct repair program processes by leveraging the recent increased advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Using machine learning for collision repair assessments

Machine learning is a powerful and innovative tool for assessing damage to a vehicle. Using artificial intelligence (AI) programs to automate this complex process takes a fraction of the time it would take for a human adjustor to do it manually on-site. 

The benefits include accurately predicting total losses, triaging the vehicle’s state, and quickly identifying potentially unsafe vehicles. Freeing up consumers’ and claims adjusters’ time by quickly dispatching towing services reduces expenses for total loss cases.

Guided image capture for insurance claims

Guided image capture helps bodyshop owners pare down processing time, which means customers get their cars back sooner. Consumers can use virtual tools like optical character recognition (OCR) to capture and look up a vehicle identification number (VIN) before a technician arrives. This technology helps adjusters determine priority repairs and reduces the expense of inspections by 80 percent

Mobile API platform for auto repairs

Auto insurers use mobile application programming interface (API) estimation platforms to streamline claims processes. API estimation software is a web-based application that can be accessed by any device with an internet connection to estimate the potential cost of vehicle repairs. 

Cloud-based management system for body shops

Cloud-based auto repair management systems are all-inclusive software with features like estimating, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. Auto body shops can utilize these integrated multi-site support programs to utilize their staffing needs better, deliver more efficient repairs, and grow their profits. 

How Qapter can help

Solera Qapter is an AI-powered software that helps automotive insurers manage their claims for direct repair programs.. It provides them with the tools to streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Features such as intelligent triaging, estimating, and guided image capture reduce friction for consumers and insurers alike.

Intelligent Triage at First Notice of Loss (FNOL) 

Qapter offers a unique solution for accident triaging using AI to route total losses faster for salvage and save bay floor space for repairable vehicles. Qapter Intelligent Triage leverages visual machine learning to detect probable total losses at FNOL using just photos and vehicle data. 

Intelligent Estimating

Qapter Intelligent Estimating creates an automated line-by-line auto body repair estimate and damage localization assessment at intake. Even unskilled consumers or staff can start estimating before an adjuster arrives. Full integration with Qapter allows appraisers to refine the auto-generated AI estimate before completion.

Guided Image Capture for consumers

Guided Image Capture enhances and accelerates the repair process experience for consumers. The simple, intuitive process begins with an SMS invitation that guides users on capturing images. Our cloud API-based solution with configurable use journeys reduces rollout times, saves adjusters’ field time and reduces manual errors. 

Cloud-based shop management software system

Shop Manager is a cloud-based management solution for running your business. Manage an efficient shop, reduce cycle time, and grow profits with a mobile-friendly application. You can enable electronic parts ordering through DMS integration and intelligent auto workshop planning tools, maximizing your workforce efficiency. 

A new chapter in intelligent, mobile body repair estimates

Qapter empowers non-skilled appraisers to document damage and create Body Repair Estimates on-the-go with mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence. With our programs, you can: 

  • Manage claims from your smartphone 
  • Identify vehicles with OCR 
  • Photograph damage using vehicle masks and guided steps, plus 
  • Generate a Body Repair pre-estimate for quick review

Qapter can also be used with Solera’s Direct-Hit® Professional Auto Repair Software, trusted by thousands of service professionals daily to provide fixes with unmatched accuracy. Get full access to over three million fixes with a seven-day free trial and see why our software is a solution professional technicians trust to deliver the correct repair the first time, every time.