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May 8, 2023 / by

Transform Your Auto Repair Shop Management Processes

Wouldn’t it be nice if software could eliminate the day-to-day management of your vehicle repair shop, while unlocking your shop’s full financial potential? If you’ve been searching for a solution that has the power to reinvent vehicle inspection, quickly create accurate quotes, expedite financial reporting, deliver the experiences that drive repeat business, put you on the road to long-term profitability… and much more – look no further.

Go Under the Hood of Identifix Shop Manager

Identifix has done it again! Our high-powered automotive repair software tools go beyond just simplifying the management of your auto repair shop. Designed to transfer time-consuming, easy-to-miss tasks into an easy-to-use, smooth process. Like a Driver Assistant, but for auto repair shops. Identifix Shop Manager virtually puts your repair shop on autopilot – giving you the time to maximize the amount of money you make on each vehicle repair.

With features and functionality too numerous to detail, we’ve highlighted the top benefits Identifix Shop Manager delivers.

Realize gross profit margin expectationsUse statistics and machine learning (ML) to calculate your auto parts gross profit.
Eliminate customer-shop miscommunicationDeliver a digital vehicle experience by conveying repair information through immersive rich media and flexible content.
Keep your pipeline full by repairing more vehicles with less effortGet real-time visibility into repairs in progress and repairs in the queue to prioritize high-value work and improve technician productivity.
Deliver fast and accurate vehicle repair estimatesLeverage advanced search, data models, and user tools to automate auto repair estimates.
Never run out of partsKeep stocked parts and inventory at optimal levels with real-time information on inventory, fulfillment status, and price markups.
Stay on top of all repair orders and keep communication flowingUse workflow to focus technicians’ attention on your most profitable repair orders and forward files from a tablet or smartphone.
Take your shop to the next level by discouraging undesirable behaviorTrack staff activity on repair orders and parts purchased to address time spent and/or dollars lost on transactions.
Make informed business decisions by knowing your profitability, losses, KPi’s, etc.Get real-time metrics on content such as services, recommendation approval rates, car count, gross profit, average ticket dollar amount, etc., as well as staff, customers, and parts, and service duration figures, including check-in, wrenching, administration, finalizing, and parked.
Speed repair approvals by providing customers with communication that is transparent and professionalUse live chats to send details of repair orders to customers (including photos and videos) and keep all communication in a single thread.
Receive parts fitment, pricing, and availability in real time across multiple aftermarket parts distributorsCreate accurate quotes in seconds by integrating all vendors within the repair order to quickly compare vendors and pricing, create quotes, and place parts orders.
Save time (and money) on every repair order by taking digital vehicle inspection to the next levelLeverage integrated workflows and unlimited forms/templates to create an electronic file that provides easy reference and sharing.
Manage multiple shops with precision and efficiency and deliver consistent customer experiences regardless of the service locationEliminate multiple logins to individual repair shops with a solution that eliminates location barriers and delivers a seamless customer service history and continuity between shops.

Whether you own or manage a single shop or have multiple locations, the challenges you face to keep your auto repair shop profitable are numerous. Identifix Shop Manager enables you to maximize the amount of money made on each vehicle repair.

Our cloud-based solution enables you to eliminate the manual tools of yesteryear such as paper, pencils, and phone calls and move tedious and time-consuming tasks to where it belongs – an intelligent software solution. With us, you get next generation auto repair shop management software that eliminates manual effort, fosters collaboration, gives you the actionable insights needed to make informed business decisions, and enables you to consistently deliver the customer experiences that drive profitability.

Learn how we can help you swap your time-consuming, profit-draining vehicle repair processes for a high-powered solution that will take your auto repair shop to the next level.

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