Part 2: Will Parking Be A Challenge of The Future? 

We believe that until all vehicles are used 100% of the time, and your autonomous vehicle works while you do, parking will remain an issue in densely populated cities.

The good news is that several companies have begun to address this problem and already marketed apps to help drivers find, access and pay for parking. Ever heard of Just ParkParku or Best Parking? You will soon.

Right now, these apps are focused on mapping parking spots in cities, allowing users to book spots and earn money on parking spots while the owner’s not using it. And think of all the business parks and garages that are empty on the weekends. These spaces could be utilized to clear up parking congestion.

Imagine the ultimate convenience: your car drops you off for a night out, finds a parking spot to sit in, and picks you up when you’re reading to head home. Sounds too good to be true, right? We believe it’s actually possible! For this to happen, a few things need to be set in motion:

  1. Technology needs to be more connected. It’s imperative that mobile devices and vehicle software connect so users can inform their car of the pickup time and set location.
  2. The vehicle needs to be able to not only drive autonomously, e.g. within a parking lot or a few blocks, but also pay for parking and be able to exit the garage on its own.
  3. City planning must allow for these types of experiences to occur, as in, you need to ensure your car can actually “meet” you in a busy area.

Many of these experiences, we believe, are just around the corner. Soon, you’ll see vehicles and next-generation methods of mobility popping up in a city near you.