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Audatex Announces Integration Service with CSI Holdings for PDR Repairs
Industry’s most accurate and efficient hail damage estimate solution offers increased productivity 

WESTLAKE, Texas, (Dec. 4, 2017) – Audatex, a global provider of insurance claims solutions and a Solera Holdings, Inc. company, today announced a system integration service with CSI Holdings (CSI), a global provider of claims and repair services to streamline paintless dent repair (PDR) estimate services for catastrophe level hail damage events around the world.

CSI offers hail inspection technology with Audatex’s estimating technology to more accurately and efficiently assess catastrophe level hail damage on a mass scale for areas that have reported significant damages to automotive insurance companies.

The integrated process involves CSI mobile assessment centers (MAC), similar to a car wash, to set up as drive-in inspection locations to assess hail damage in heavily affected areas. Utilizing their unique technology, CSI scans the entire surface of the vehicle to determine the location of dents, number of dents, their depth and the severity of dents per vehicle panel. This report is then used to automate an accurate PDR estimate.

Streamlining the existing process of having an estimator manually convert information from the MAC into a PDR estimate, Audatex will automate the process, bridging the gap between CSI’s output and the estimate. Overall this results in a more efficient, accurate and less time consuming claims process that will allow CSI clients to increase their throughput while reducing the potential for human error.

“Due to the massive number of vehicle damage claims involved in hail catastrophe events, insurance companies have been looking for a streamlined way to most accurately inspect and assess damages,” said Tony Aquila, Solera’s founder Chairman and CEO. “This global partnership with CSI allows for exclusive integration of two leading services to leverage the most innovative, accuarate and efficient solution for hail catastrophes.”

Automating the entire process from assessment to creation of the PDR estimate, the integration offers customers increased efficiency, productivity and higher accuracy in their hail damage claims as insurance companies will have an estimated productivity gain of 33 percent for customers.

“Having an accurate estimate is vital to achieve efficiency in the claims process. Using our MAC quantifies an ambiguous process allowing for consistent and repeatable results to be generated,” said Michael Morrison, CEO of CSI. “The integration with Audatex allows us to marry our MAC output with Audatex’s industry leading metrics to complete the estimate using the most accurate method available in the market place.”

For more information, contact Audatex at 800-237-4969 or email Contact CSI at 844-344-HAIL or email

About Audatex

Audatex is a leading provider of software and services for the automotive and insurance claims processing industry. The company’s portfolio of solutions and services meets the needs of all parties in the supply chain and covers the complete cycle of first notification of loss, vehicle identification, job evaluation, assessment auditing, parts procurement, cycle time management and claims settlement.

About CSI Holdings

CSI is an innovation-focused company dedicated to improving transparency and efficiency in damage assessment and repair and claims processes for insurance carriers and car owners.  CSI delivers state-of-the-art assessment technology, and precise repair and claim protocols, to return cars to their pre-damaged condition with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. CSI’s founders are pioneers of the paintless dent repair (PDR) and vehicle assessment industries. CSI’s experience and global capabilities allow it to mobilize skilled experts wherever they are needed and ensure a seamless, high-quality experience for all parties involved.


About Solera

Founded and continuously led by inventor and entrepreneur Tony Aquila, Solera is a global leader in digital technologies that manage and protect life’s most important assets: our cars, homes and identities. Today, Solera processes over 300 million digital transactions annually for approximately 235,000 partners and customers in nearly 90 countries. For more information, please visit


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