At Solera, we believe in second chances.

We believe as a company, over 80 countries-wide and 6,000 employees strong, that we can make a difference in the lives of others by leveraging the Solera Way.

Through our LIFT program, we strive to enable second chances by providing the tools to those in need in order for them to take accountability and create a sustainable impact in their lives and community.

Uncommon Giving

Our Uncommon giving is based on a set of principles that our employees practice in their daily lives.

Work with focused initiative on the 20 that will drive the 80.

Maintain efficiency in order to eliminate waste and maximize output.

Work as a team and always take accountability for the past, present and the future.


We create a variety of opportunities for our team members to make meaningful contributions to our communities and our world.

Second chances we’ve created


Solera launched LIFT to LIFE, a program that provided six associates the opportunity to dedicate themselves to personal, fully compensated 4-6 month LIFT missions around the world and build sustainable roots for lasting change.

Aspiration Summit

Solera is honored to partner with Aspire for the Aspiration Summit to create transformational and empowering experiences for young adults with autism.


Solera global leaders united in Cambodia for an uncommon LIFT program to support Senhoa Foundation’s Lotus Kids Club. By building an extension of the pre-school and adding a playground for the children, we almost doubled their current space and recreation area.

Some organizations we’ve worked with to give others a second chance

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